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FileMaker Pro Automator Action Pack for Leopard for Mac OS  v.3.0

This action pack extends the power of Automator in Leopard with 10 actions for use with FileMaker Pro! - Close FileMaker Databases - Extract Field Data From Found Set - Find All Records in FileMaker Database - Find Records in FileMaker Database -

Mail to FileMaker Importer for Mac OS  v.2.14

An AppleScript-based application that can be used to automatically import email data from Mac OS X Mail or Microsoft Entourage into a FileMaker Pro database. Within the applications interface, users can easily configure the database and fields to be

24U Net Remote Receiver for FileMaker Pro  v.1.0

24U Net Remote Receiver for FileMaker Pro 1.0 is considered to be a smart and effective program that lets you easily make your FileMaker solutions run scripts in response to tapping buttons in 24U Net Remote. Just copy a single script from this fully

FileMaker Pro for Mac OS  v.11.0

The worlds leading easy-to-use database application for one simple reason - it helps anyone with any type of task get things done faster. And it doesnt matter if youre a Mac or Windows user - you can create and share information with each other

FMMenulet  v.1.0.1

FMMenulet 1.0.1 has come as a helpful and convenient tool for FileMaker Pro Developers on Macintosh. It reflects the current state of the Debug Scripts check mark with an icon in the system menu-bar. Moreover, clicking on this icon toggles the state

SUI Margin Calculator  v.1.0

SUI Margin Calculator is a convenient tool specifically designed for FileMaker that helps calculate margin and gross margin based on sell price and product cost. It can be easily embedded in your existing FileMaker solution and launched anywhere in

24U FM Template  v.2.2

24U FM Template is FileMaker Pro template project for Metrowerks Codewarrior. It will help you to create your own custom plug-ins for FileMaker Pro quickly and easily! Thanks to intuitive lucidity and efficiency this template is appropriate for both

24U Flash Calendar Example  v.1.0

24U Flash Calendar Example 1.0 offers users with an effective yet beneficial flash based interactive calendar similar to iCal, designed to be used within the FileMaker Pro layout's web viewer object. It requires a plug-in to talk back to FileMaker

24U Plug-In AutoInstaller  v.2.2

24U Plug-In AutoInstaller removes your pain from using plug-ins in a multi-user environment. This utility simply automates installation, registration, and updates of all the plug-ins you use in your multi-user FileMaker solutions. It comes

24U SimpleHighlight  v.1.0.1

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In is a sample FileMaker Plug-In project based on 24U FM Template 2.0. t implements two color highlighting functions:X24uL_Highlight(SearchString, Text) finds all occurrences of SearchString in Text and highlights them with

24U SimpleHighlight PlugIn  v.2.0

24U SimpleHighlight Plug-In is a sample FileMaker Plug-In project based on 24U FM Template. Its purpose is to highlight text and rectangular areas with a user-defined color. The new version 1.0.1 is an update to the copy distributed with FileMaker

ClipSave Plug-in  v.1.1

Saves and restores the clipboard. Troi ClipSave Plug-in has been retired. You can still use it, but we have decided that we will no longer update the plug-in and that we will phase out support for it as well. Version 1.1 is compatible with FileMaker

Flix|able  v.1.28

flix|able is a FileMaker Pro application DVD-DATABASE. With everyting you need to keep track of your dvds. Including loaners, features, cover image, audio/video, overview,

FmPro Worksheet  v.1.04

FmPro Worksheet is a free tool that sends SQL commands to FileMaker 7/8 databases via an ODBC connection. Results and error messages are returned within the program and can be saved to disk. All FileMaker 7/8 SQL commands are supported including

Luhn Calc  v.1.0

This is a totally open FileMaker Pro 5/5.5 file which runs the Luhns algorithm to determine if a credit card number is potentially valid. This is very useful for catching data entry and processing errors for phone reps and

MediStic Orthopaedic  v.1.2

MediStic Orthopaedic is an open source (with some limitations) medical database for Windows & Macintosh running with FileMaker. The system features record adding, editing, searching, report editing & printing. Other features include: importing

MyFMbutler DoScript  v.2.0.1

myFMbutler DoScript 2.0.1 comes to users as a functional and convenient plug-in that allows you to easily trigger a FileMaker script, e.g. on field entry or on field exit. It adds a much needed feature to FileMaker Pro, that even with version 8.5 is

PassDB Mac  v.1.0

Database to store and manage your Accounts, Usernames and Passwords, your URLs and Projects, Descriptions to Accounts and Projects and more. Minimalistic Design, all neccessary Funktions. Based on FileMaker 8.5, including Runtime. Version for Mac OS

Troi ClipSave Plugin  v.1.1

Troi ClipSave Plugin 1.1 is created to be a convenient and simple-to-use utility which is compatible with FileMaker Pro 5.0 and 5.5. This new version now also runs on Mac OS X!But it also works for any version of FileMaker Pro 4.0 or

Troi URL Plug-In  v.2.0.3

Troi URL Plug-In 2.0.3 is a complete tool which allows users to post and retrieve information from the Internet. Troi URL Plug-in can help you fill in web forms on the Internet, all from FileMaker Pro. It also retrieves data from any HTTP and HTTPS

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